For this project is important the territorial context in which it is inserted, using a mediterranean typology, and located in such a way as to represent an urban context typical of the “Old Village“, revisited in a modern key, and inserted in a context of green colour typical of the garden-cities, paying attention on the needs of usability and services that a modern settlement wants.
The Village is 700 mt from the nearest beach; a distance that will be reduced to 300 mt with the realization of the sub-passage that will guarantees a direct access to the sea both pedestrian and driveable.
The context surrounding “Mareluna Village“, mainly during the summer season, is populated by lidos and clubs that offer alternatives to the needs or requests of entertainment of our users: places to reach walking on foot on the promenade of Campofelice di Roccella or private vehicles in Cefal├╣ and Termini Imerese, which are just a few kilometres away.


The great motorway, railway and maritime roads privileges the municipality of Campofelice di Roccella, which is the subject of the proposed initiatives.
The motorway junction of Buonfornello Crossroads A 19 (PA-CT) and A 20 (PA-ME) allows you to move quickly throughout Sicily (the land interested for initiatives is a few kilometers from the junction). Palermo is reachable in thirty minutes, the airport “Falcone-Borsellino” in forty-five minutes, Catania in ninety minutes; The ski resort of “Piano Battaglia” at 25 km.
The proximity to the port areas, the touristic one of Cefal├╣ only 12 km, the commercial Terms of Business only 6 km, and the great port of Palermo allows an easy use of a set of connected services that pose in conditions of privilege, in the touristic sector, the territory of the municipality of Campofelice di Roccella.

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