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The restaurant is located inside the Mareluna Village in Cefalu (PA), only meters from one of the most beautiful coasts in Sicily. It only takes turning around away from the sea, however, to discover the beautiful backdrop of the Madonie mountains, one of the most vital and important natural parks in the Mediterranean.
It is one of a kind, designed in the “Vecchio Borgo Paesano” style, reflecting the scenic area into which it was placed and capturing the special Mediterranean ideal. Inside the restaurant is a real “piazza”: a meeting place to share carefree moments and enjoy delicious dishes!
Originally intended to pamper guests at the residence (with a service bar, restaurant and pizzeria), the restaurant is even now also open to outside visitors even if they are not residents at the village.
The New Moon comes from the desire to offer the public a new Sicilian dining experience that brings in the best traditions and the most delicious re-interpretations made by our world-class chef Serafina Badalamenti … all in the fun and exotic setting of a tourist village.
Our guests have the opportunity to sample the table of the oldest flavors of Sicilian cuisine, but also the unmistakable taste of street food from the province of Palermo, which we combine often with evenings of live music.